First quarter updates – Lots to report

Stripe API Update

We have updated the stripe API to the newest Stripe Code. By now, you may have notice the Stripe option on your dashboard. You now have the option to view all your Stripe payments and recurring billings and even issue a Stripe refund directly from inside your StudioBookings dashboard. If you are missing the Stripe option, just go to Settings -> My Account -> Update Merchant Account and connect to Stripe.

You can now make recurring/contracts type purchases on your member’s behalf

Previously, only members could make purchases of class passes packages (Contracts) that were billed reoccurring. We have now added the option where you can make these purchases for your members. This option is in the ‘Add Class Credits’ tab.

Order of items in store on APP is now same as the order on website

When using the APP, the class passes list (items in the store) will be in the same order as you have it on the web version. So any order that you have placed the class passes on the web version will be the same on the APP automatically.

Option to have a cutoff time to book a class before it starts

The option has been added in Settings where studios that have a class booking cut-off time, can now enable that option. Example if you require that your members book a class 4 hours before it starts, that option is now available.

The option where a package can only be purchased once by a member is added

We have added the option where you can enable a package to only be purchased once by a member. This will be handy for special offer packages, etc. Studio Owners can still add as many to the member’s profile as they wish.

Change default birthday from 12-31-1969 to 00-00-0000

Previously, when a member signed up for your studio, if no date of birth was entered, the system would default their date of birth to 12-31-1969. Now, it will default to 00-00-0000 if no date is entered. The date format will be based on your date format setting in the Settings tab.

Allow members to sign waivers of liability in the studio

You have asked and we have delivered. Waivers can now be signed in the studio by members. Simply go to the member’s profile and select the Waiver of Liability tab. Here you will see the button called ‘Have member sign waiver’. Clicking the button will pop-up the waiver signature page for the member to sign.

Better printable Roll Call page

We have improved the Roll Call printable sheet. The sheet will now list all the members that have Signed up/Booked online. There are additional rows for members or staff to write in names of those showing up unbooked to be added to the class later.

Zip code fields now better accommodate European zips

When entering zip codes, the system will better accomodate longer zips and zips with spaces and special characters.

Roll Call ‘Booked’ date column now shows the same format as in Settings

On the Roll Call page, the date format for the ‘Booked’ column will now show the date format as set in Settings.

Switch to Intercom KB from Zendesk

In other news, we have switched from Zendesk knowledgebase to Intercom. Instead of the black ‘Help button’ at the bottom of the StudioBookings page, you will now see a ‘Blue’ button. This will also show who from StudioBookings support is available and their availability.

Studio Owners can now add members to multiple classes at once

Studio owners and staff can now add members and clients to multiple classes at once. This is great for those studios that have clients that wants you to book the same classes for them months in advance.