Fresh new awesome features added to our APP

Today, we’re announcing some pretty helpful features for our mobile app that can help fitness and wellness studio’s run and manage their business easier while capturing more revenue.

Booking classes that require 0 (zero) credit to book can now be booked using the APP

When we added the option a few months ago, giving studio owners and their staff the option to add classes that required no class credits to be booked, a lot of our studios were very happy that this long awaited feature was available. No longer did studios have to refund credits used to book a free class or a class that required no class credit (Class Pass). However, since the APP is usually a version behind the web version, it took us a little time to get the APP up to date to match.

This new version of the APP now allows a studio owner to add classes that requires no credits and also allows their members and clients to book these classes using the APP. Awesome.

Health information is now available in the app

As you know, when using the website version of StudioBookings, on the Roll Call or Class attendance list page, studio owners can see all their members or clients that have registered for a class and also see their health concerns…if any are listed. On the web version, studio owners can click on the health icon (a heart) and see a pop-up of a member’s health concerns. Armed with this information, studio owners OR staff can attend to that member or client to prevent future injury. It’s also great customer service when customers see that you know or remember about their health issues.

See below the screens of the app showing the Roll Call page with the health icon and health information pop-up.


Accept Credit Card payments in the APP from your members and clients

StudioBookings studio owners and staff can now accept credit card payments in the APP from their members and clients. This is very important since this feature eliminates the need for a studio to use an external card swiper like Square or Cardflight to accept payments when presented with a credit card. This not only will save time, but also save money.

There are two ways to enter credit card information. The studio owner or staff can enter the card details in the provided field OR they can click on the camera icon on the credit card page and scan the credit card with the app. The card details will be filled in automatically.

See an example of the APP screenshot below


Include Tax and This is a cash transaction

We have also added the option in the app so a studio owner can select if they would like to add tax to the cost or if the person is paying cash or not. If a studio owner’ selects to include tax, then the app will calculate the tax automatically and add the calculated tax to the total. If a studio owner selects the ‘This is a cash transaction’ box when manually adding credits in the app, the system will automatically add the transaction under the cash revenue column.

These are just some of the new features we have added to our app. Keep looking out for more. We are always adding more features to make managing your studio easier and cost effective.