Native Notifications now added to the StudioBookings APP

The StudioBookings staff is always thinking of new ways that we can make StudioBookings better for the 1000s of studios that uses our software.  And in our continued improvements to the StudioBookings platform, we have added in APP native notifications and messages to the StudioBookings APP for both iOS and Android devices.  Why?  Well, we realize that checking emails for updates to changes in class status, while it works well, was not always the best way to keep up to date on changes in class schedules and class statuses.  With so many emails that everyone receives daily, it’s really easy to miss the important ones. Right?

So we decided to help your members and clients out.  We are happy to announce that we have launched native messages and notifications for both iOS and Android devices.

What are notifications?

Notifications are pop-up messages that your members will receive on their mobile phones that inform them about their class status changes and upcoming classes.  (See a message types below)


*** When you and your members first install this new version, remember that it’s important to select that it’s OK to receive notifications from the StudioBookings APP if asked **

What types of messages will your members see?

Some types of messages that members will receive are –

  • When someone is off of the Waiting list for a class, they will get a notification on their phone informing them of this.
  • When a class that a member is booked in is canceled, the member will be automatically notified.
  • Members will get an alert reminder an hour before a class they are booked in starts.
  • When you, the studio owner remove someone from a class, they will get a notification about this so they know not to show up.

What is needed to see notifications?

When your members first upgrade to the new 3.0 APP version, notifications in the StudioBookings will be turned on by default. However, the member must also allow the APP to send notifications to their phone.  You may have seen this with other APPs where you are asked to allow an APP to send you notifications.

Pilates and Barre studio software

Works on both iOS and Android phones

As the studio owner, you and your staff can send any kind of messages directly to your member’s mobile phones.  Very cool!

YES, we have added an additional BONUS feature so studio owners can send their members messages, directly to their mobile phones.  To use this feature to send your members messages, simply go to the Dashboard, here you will see the option where you can Send SMS Notifications under the ‘Studio and Staff Management’ section.

You can use this feature to send messages about anything you wish……..

  • Upcoming specials and events
  • Studio closings due to weather
  • Announce a new teacher or new class
  • Send Happy Holiday cheers

The possibilities are endless…………….

(see below an example of a message)

Cycle studio software

Example of a message you can send to your members


So there you have it.  Thoughts or questions?  Sure….just send us an email.  We are always here at