StudioBookings – More news and updates :)

Ability added to edit the emails that are sent to your members and clients

We have added the ability for each studio owner to be able to edit the emails that the system sends out to members. Example, when a member books a class, the system automatically sends out a booking confirmation to that member. Now you can edit and customize the text in the email to tailor it to your business feel.

You can also choose to disable an email if you find that a system generated emails is not needed for your business. Some studios do not use the credit system so they may choose to disable the ‘Balance Remaining’ emails, for example.

We have added next and back navigation buttons on the Roll Call page

We have added a ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ navigation buttons to the Roll Call page. This will allow you and your staff to easily move between classes while on the Roll Call page. Previously, you would need to go to the Calendar and select a class to view each class Roll Call attendance page. Now, while on the Roll Call page, you can easily move between classes. No need to go back to the calendar every time.

Member ‘Join Date’ is now editable.

Studio owners can now go to a member’s profile and update a member’s ‘Join date’ to be the actual real date the member or client joined your studio. This comes in very handy when members are imported from a spreadsheet or other file types from other systems and the join date shows the date the member was imported instead of the ‘true’ join date. Now you update the date to the actual real join date the member joined your studio.

We made enhancements to the Billing History and subscription receipts

You have spoken and we have listened. We have made several enhancements to the Billing History page and the subscription receipts.