Promo Code is here

Just in time to close out the year we have officially launched the ‘Promo Codes’ feature.   This means that you can now offer your clients and member special discounts by using a code when making a purchase.

What exactly is a promo code?  Keep reading …

Promo codes give you, the studio business owner the ability to create a codes that you can give to your clients and members that when used, applies a discount on purchase.

Example scenario 1.  You want to give your clients a 5% discount on a particular package when purchased by having them entering a code called NEWYEAR. You can simply go to your StudioBookings Dashboard, select Manage Promo Codes and Add a promo code called NEWYEAR with the desired discount and expiration timeline. Tell your members and clients about the promo code.  Now when they make a purchase they can enter the promo code and receive the discounts.  When adding a promo code, you can specify when the promo code expires or how long it is good for.

Example scenario 2.  You wish to give some members a particular discount and other members another discount on the same package, very common if you have different membership levels or tiers.  Lets say you have Gold, Silver and Bronze membership types.  You can give Gold Members a promo code that gives them 15% discount,  Silver members can get a promo code that gives them a 10% discount and Bronze member a promo code that gets them a 5% discount.  This means that for one package type you can have different clients and members paying a different amount.

All this is possible with the new promo code feature.

Here are some screenshots below –

1. If you offer promotion codes, you can select to turn on this feature in Settings


You can enable Promotion Codes in Settings -> General Settings


2. Once you enable Promo Codes you will see the option on the Dashboard to setup your promo codes.


Option on Dashboard to setup and manage Promo Codes


3. Here is an example of the Add Promo Code screen.  As you can see the option to add promo codes for regular passes and for contract passes (monthly billing) is separated.


Add promo codes screen above.

Thanks again for being a valued customer of StudioBookings.

Happy New Year