StudioBookings – Your studio updates on Apple Watch

If your members and clients have an Apple Watch, they will get updates on classes and events.

StudioBookings…… always at the forefront of technology for studios.

The Apple watch usage is fast growing in the fitness industry as we see more and more folks showing up at studios wearing the device. It is a wonderful device for tracking activity while enjoying the other complementary features such as getting notifications from services that you use. We are not Apple employees nor are in sales for Apple so we will not cover all the features of the Apple watch….plus there are thousands of bloggers already doing this 🙂

BUT we want to talk about studio notifications on the Apple watch. As a studio owner, you know there are times when it is necessary to cancel a class for a myriad of reasons and wondering if your clients and members are all made aware is important. Also, if you want to send out news about your studio’s happenings, you want to be sure that the message is received by all your clients and members. Right?

StudioBookings already have an awesome built-in notification system that sends notification texts to your clients and member’s Android and iOS devices. See this article here for all the details on this feature –

Now, we have also made sure that these alerts will be delivered to wearers of the Apple Watch. Meaning that if you send out alerts…if your clients or members are wearing an Apple Watch, they will see the message on their watch. Very cool. Our system does not care what version of the watch is being worn, so wearers of any versions of the watch will get notified of your business events and changes.

Also, all studio notifications and news that you send out from your Dashboard will appear on the Apple watch as they currently appear on each user’s mobile devices. See the image below 🙂