Exciting things are happening at StudioBookings

We listened to you and we are making things even better (Launching Jan 22 – Jan 30)

Exciting things are happening at StudioBookings. We’re very excited to announce the upcoming totally new look of StudioBookings. Yes, we have completely improved on the look of the site, added several system updates and enhancements to make the system more modern and completely responsive (for those of you that love using the full site on iPads or tablets). We have also moved some stuff around to make the system navigation more intuitive for the studios and their members based on all the feedback we have gathered and in the process added a bunch of new requests too. With all the updates to the look and feel of the site, we have managed to keep the layout very familiar to you and your members, so while the look may seem new, the navigation will be very familiar as it is today. This will be a rolling launch and is expected to start on January 22nd and continue through January 30th for all of our over 2000 studios.

Updated Roll Call page with more details and functionality

From the Roll Call page, you can directly email a member by clicking on the email icon located next to the member’s name. You can also see the member’s phone number to easily give them a call if needed. We have also added a ‘Booking Method’ column that will show how the member booked the class or session.

From the Roll Call page, you can also now easily add a class pass purchase to a member’s account. The ‘Class Notes’ page is also now fully visible to studio owners and staff so they will never miss important notes added to a class.

Updated Member section

The Member page will now have a direct way to email clients without having to go to their profile. There will also be a new ‘Buy’ button to directly make credit pass purchases for a member without having to take the steps to go into their profile. Other things we have added are a counter to show quickly the number of ‘active’ members you have.

Quickly find a member or client

We have added a search bar at the top of the page where you can quickly find a member’s account by entering their name. Once a member is found, you can continue to perform any action as needed on the account. This eliminates a few steps where you would need to search for a member then select view and then go into their profile to make updates or changes.

Adding colors to class types

This was a popular request. If using the Month view style calendar, you now have the ability to select a color for displaying those class categories on the calendar. Example you can select a color such as ‘Blue’ for Private classes and ‘Yellow’ for General group classes. This way each class type can be easily identified by their color.

Option to NOT show canceled classes on the calendar

This was another very popular request in 2017. Lots of studios were asking for the option to not have canceled classes display on the calendar. So, we have added the option where a studio can select to ‘hide’ canceled classes from appearing on the calendar. Canceled classes, even when hidden, will still be seen by studio owners so they can be modified if needed.

Members are immediately taken to their page when they sign up at your studio page

Another growing request was to have members taken directly to their page when they create an account at your studio. We have added this functionality. So now, when a member signs up at your StudioBookings page, they will be automatically logged in with the email address and password they provided and taken directly to their page.

Dedicated integration section with more email service options

For those studios that use MailChimp, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi etc…we have added a new dedicated section where you can bring your account over to keep in in sync with your StudioBookings member’s list. All that is needed is that you connect your email newsletter provider of choice and the StudioBookings API will do the heavy lifting by keeping your list in sync. To keep things tidy, we have moved the Facebook connection and Stripe connection here as well.

List of other requested connections to be added is below –

– Campaign Monitor email service
– Shopify
– Wave accounting
– Other

Now it’s much easier to get to our Support pages

Getting to our support pages to find answers to your questions is now one click away. We have added our Support link to the dropdown below your profile. This is standard with most software systems so the location will be very familiar. On our support pages, you will be able to search and find answers to all your questions. If somehow you have not found what you need, the familiar blue chat bubble is still located at the bottom right side of all the pages so you can always reach out to us. Just another way of making sure you are never without answers.